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Limited Liability Company Sladich Kuban produces jams, fruit fillings, cream fillings, poppy seed fillings, condensed milk, fruit and vegetable fillings, thick spreads, fruit and vegetable purees, and confectionery gels under the SLADICH brand. The products are made for the bakery, confectionery and other food industries. The distinctive feature of Sladich Kuban LLC is a high-quality raw material base, which is known to be the core of production of any competitive product.


The company's production facilities are located in the Krasnodar region. Fruitful Kuban lands and abundance of sunny days are the best for the cultivation of fruits rich in vitamins. The enterprise is harvesting the best of them. Raw materials from reliable foreign partners are also subjected to multistage control in the company's raw materials laboratory. Vitamin-rich apples with high pectin content, fragrant berries allow to produce jams and fruit fillings, with which an ordinary pie becomes a real masterpiece. Their vast selection will provide manufacturers with an equally rich range of confectionery and bakery products, even within a single recipe.
Once a customer tastes the puffs or buns, pastries or croissants, rolls or cakes with the SLADICH fillings, he will remain loyal to your products for years to come.

We know how important stable organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters for your work are in different batches of fillings, jams, condensed milk, boils and purees coming to your production. The Management of Sladich Kuban LLC has found a solution, excluding the influence of human factor on the technological mode by installing the most advanced Italian equipment to date in the shops of the enterprise. The computer-aided process control system guarantees consistently high quality of the finished product from batch to batch. We offer jams, fruit fillings homogeneous and with pieces of fruit, cream fillings, poppy seed fillings, jams, thick spreads, condensed milk, gels confectionery. Their range is diverse and will satisfy the demand of the most demanding client, but if you need an exclusive product, we are ready to develop an individual recipe for you, make experimental samples.


Guided by our customers' wishes, we produce fillings that are easy and pleasant to work with. The structure of "Sladich" fillings can vary from soft and malleable to tightly toasted, which provides a wide range of applications.
Gentle temperature mode of cooking berries and fruits allows you to save their useful properties, as well as natural color and flavor. The enterprise employs experienced professionals who try to keep abreast of the latest developments in filling production. For their preparation we use only high-quality ingredients, which allows us to obtain products with high consumer properties. The range includes both classic toppings with the familiar to the consumer flavors of apple, apricot, strawberry, and exotic: Tropic, Kiwi, Pineapple... Technologists of Sladich Kuban LLC will help to choose a product by technological and flavor parameters, based on the needs of production, will advise, develop a recipe for an individual order.

We recommend using Sladich fruit fillings for filling bakery and confectionery products, both before and after baking, frozen semi-finished products, tarts and pies, pressed cottage cheese, for layers of cakes, Swiss rolls, etc.


Your Success is our Goal

All products of Sladich Kuban LLC are certified. The regulatory and technical documentation was developed by our experts together with scientists of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the food-canning industry. Finished products are packaged in convenient plastic buckets or in spirally wound fiber drums. Shipment is made from the production base in Kanevskaya village of Krasnodar Territory. The company works both with regional distributors and final customers. The brand of the enterprise is firmly associated with high quality products, for the production of which is used only natural, mainly Kuban raw materials.
The principles of the production department are strictest quality control, constant innovation, conscientious fulfillment of commitments, individual approach to each customer.

We have everything to make your business a success, since this is our common goal.


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